Kristin and Dustin | Park City Proposal

How We Met: Dustin and I met at a country bar I went every Tuesday for free line dancing lessons. He asked me to 2 step and is from Texas. Luckily I knew how, and the rest was history. We don’t like telling people we met dancing or at a bar, so sometimes we tell people we met through a mutual friend named ‘Nick’ aka the bar’s name is Nicks LOL!

Image 1 of Kristin and Dustin | Park City Proposal
how they asked: Our favorite thing to do ever is ski! We took a vacation to Park City, Utah for some of the best skiing in North America. He even bought me the ski outfit I am wearing in this picture. He knew he was going to propose somewhere while on vacation, but not when. He even told me he hired a professional photographer to hide and follow us around and capture the moment in case it happened when I wasn’t expecting it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out the day of due to ski restrictions, however, we lucked out because there were resort professional photographers on top of the lifts ready to take pictures. We had discussed how we wanted some anyways because we didn’t have any of us together, just individual because it’s hard to ask someone in full ski attire to stop and take a picture. So we took some pictures by the summit restaurant overlooking beautiful scenery, then Dustin asked her if we could walk down to another slope that had no one on it with a beautiful background. On the walk over, I was several feet behind, and the 2 of them were walking together. He told the photographer “I’m about to propose to this girl” and she was so excited, but I was clueless and not paying attention. She was like “I got you!” so we were both standing together, I moved over to the right per her instruction, then she said turn and face Dustin and here he was on one knee!!! This picture is the real deal, the actual moment, not staged. So many people have told me to post it to websites or contests it looks fake but it’s not I promise!!! And of course, I said yes!!!

Image 2 of Kristin and Dustin | Park City Proposal

Image 3 of Kristin and Dustin | Park City Proposal

Image 4 of Kristin and Dustin | Park City Proposal