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How We Met

Well we fell in love when he threw me in a horse water troth, if that isn’t the beginning to a country love song, I’m not sure what is haha. We started dating back on New Year’s 2010. We were semi- high school sweethearts. We started dating his junior year my senior year. He was big into football and went to play a year or two in college but came back home to work for his dad. We had to do the long distance thing for about four years because I went to Radford.

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That is obviously never easy but we made it work for about three and a half. We broke up for a brief few months my senior year. That gave us time to realize what we always had and we still say if we never took a break we aren’t sure we’d be getting married. It gave me time to realize other guys were kinda ehh and he was the one for me the whole time even if I didn’t want to admit it. When I graduated in May of 2014 we were back together and have been ever since.

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how they asked

We actually bought a house last May and held our annual Friends-giving there this year. We had our Friends-giving this past November and we make it a HUGE deal at our house. This was the second year in a row.

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We have all our friends from home and school come into town. This year was different because he completely surprised me and proposed! We went to take our annual “group picture” and before I knew it a picture or two in he’s down on one knee. It was the most amazing moment ever. Everyone started screaming I started being dramatic, as usual just wait until you see the video. I wouldn’t change it for the world. We aren’t getting married until May 2018 but I know it will be worth the wait! This is when I finally realized what the heck was happening and obviously I couldn’t figure out how to handle it.

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