Kristin and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met at a bar in Cincinnati down by the stadiums, about two years before we started dating. I was having a drink with my girlfriend outside and I tripped and fell over the low fence. We laughed and got up, and as we were dusting ourselves off, I saw this insanely tall guy staring at me. I made eye contact and looked away. For the next half hour, everytime I looked his way, I caught him staring at me. Being stubborn, I didn’t make any moves. Finally his drunk friend came over and asked our names. I asked if there was something wrong with his tall, staring friend. He laughed, and told me he thought Tim must be into me. Tim and I were introduced, had a few drinks together, and had long conversations, before we exchanged numbers and went our seperate ways. After finding out that he lived a couple hours away from me, I decided not to get involved, and we stayed very good friends.

Over the next two years, Tim was there through every breakup and rough night I had. He gave me advice, would stay up all night comforting me if I needed it, and even drove two hours just to make me smile. In the spring of 2015, we started hanging out more and more often and I started to realize I had feelings for Tim. I hated that I was falling for him because I had already decided to move to Georgia and take a job after college. I told myself it was just a summer romance and then I would end it. We had the most amazing 3 months, and then it came time for me to move to Savannah. I sobbed my eyes out. I didn’t want to leave, but I had already arranged everything, and couldn’t bail on the plan. Tim never begged me to stay. Instead, he flew to Savannah the first weekend and told me he was going to make us work, no matter what he had to do. Tim and I flew back and fourth almost every weekend for 7 months until I finally broke my lease and moved home to him. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. We have a home together and he’s the most amazing person in every way. I never get bored with him or sick of him. I just feel….lucky. Lucky to have this insanely attractive man as not only my love, but my best friend. I never thought I deserved someone this good.

how they asked

My family is from Kentucky, and we’re very close knit. Because of that, I get homesick. Tim recognizes this and plans a visit to see my parents whenever this happens. The weekend before thanksgiving, both my sister and her husband, and my baby brother who goes to military school in South Carolina, were traveling home. My mom wanted us all together to get family pictures taken, we haven’t had them done in ages. We got all dressed up to take pictures at Keeneland racetrack, a Kentucky favorite! We froze our butts off taking picture after picture when the photographer asked for a couple’s pic. We agreed, and set up to pose. But as the photographer was aiming her lense, I saw Tim go to the ground out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to yell at him, and tell him not to waste the photographer’s time, I realized what he was doing! I freaked out. I started nervous babbling: “I can’t even! Omg! No, is this really happening?!”
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He grabbed my hand and asked the question. He was so nervous and grabbed the wrong hand but I didn’t care! I said “of course!” and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Little did I know, almost my whole family was a part of Tim’s plan!

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My sister and I had a girls’ day to get our nails done earlier that week (Tim’s plan to make sure my fingers were picture ready)! He took my dad out for drinks the night before to ask for his blessing, and my brother-in-law held on to the ring until Tim dropped to his knee! Tim made this moment so much more special for me by having my family there. All of my favorite people were there to watch me commit my hand to the best man I know. His thoughtfulness leaves me speechless. I love this man.

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about the ring

Tim custom designed it with Carioti Jewelers in Columbus Ohio because he knew my love of pear diamonds. It’s a 1.5 carat pear with a halo and split shank band, in white gold.

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Special Thanks

Libby Zahari
 | Christopher Michael Images in Lexington, Kentucky