Kristin and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met on a dating app and spent many months texting before we ever even met in person. Before I had even met him I knew that I was already madly in love with him!

how they asked

For my birthday Tim planned a top secret surprise. He had been telling me for weeks leading up to my actual birthday that I needed to take the whole day off of work because he had something really fun planned. I was so anxious and excited! On the morning of my birthday we got up before the sun was even out and got ready and hit the road. I had no clue where we were going. After a bit of a long drive, I slept through most of it, I woke up to see that we were at Disneyland! My favorite place! I was so surprised and happy to be there! I was so excited to spend the whole day at the happiest place on Earth with the love of my life! We got there right when the park opened and I was excited to beat the lines and start getting on some rides. However, Tim had a different plan. He insisted that before we do anything he really wanted us to get a caricature drawing done. I thought it was a little strange and after a bit of hesitation, I went with it. We sat down to get our picture drawn and we were both just laughing and being playful. I noticed that Tim was acting a little funny, shaking his leg and looking over his shoulders the whole time. The drawing itself took about and hour and during the last few minutes before the artist was finished I noticed that we had a large crowd gathered around us. I became incredibly nervous because I assumed he had planned something for my birthday and the crowd was going to sing to me. When the artist was finished she asked us both to stand up and turned the picture around and it said “Kristin…Will you marry me?” My heart was pounding out of my chest and I immediately began sobbing. I could not believe it. I looked over at Tim after I read the picture and he was down on his knee with my dream ring in his hand. He asked me if I would marry him and with my whole heart I said YES! The crowd that had gathered around us all cheered and it was by far the most magical moment of my life!

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