Kristin and Steven

Image 2 of Kristin and StevenHow we met: I knew who Steven was, but we hadn’t interacted much. We had a pretty large network of mutual friends. While I was studying abroad in France, I decided to initiate a conversation. Ever since that day over 3 years ago, there hasn’t been one day we haven’t talked. I moved back home, and we hung out that week. We never stopped hanging out :) We became each other’s closest friend and most trusted confidant. Looking back, our first date was when we had lawn seats at a Death Cab for Cutie/City & Colour concert. (Our first dance will be to a City & Colour song!) To this day, we can’t imagine life without each other. We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

how they asked:It was the week before Christmas, and I was sick! It was Tuesday, and we were supposed to have a reunion dinner with my best friends and their husbands because they’ve all moved out of Michigan. Steven (my now fiancé) was working with friends at a coffee shop and I was working at my office, so the plan was to meet at a local pub to head over to the restaurant. I got there and received a text that my friends got stuck in traffic so he suggested we take a look at the Christmas lights in our favorite Birmingham park. For anyone who knows me, all you have to say is “Christmas lights”, and I’m there. We started walking and talking and making jokes as per usual. [if you guys want to know the joke, I can send that too!] As we walked into the beautiful path lined with lit trees, I see a bunch of candles lining the steps of the center statue. My stomach dropped and my mind went blank. As we got closer I started walking slower and slower. I stopped at the bottom and stared, I vaguely remember him staring at me like “okay…come on…” I said “what is that?” He said, “I don’t know…what is it?” I still stared. He led me up the steps between the candle path. At the top, there sat a beautiful old cigar box (we love random finds like that). He opened the box and took out a piece of paper and handed it to me. At the top, he had designed a letterhead of my first initial, and written a beautiful letter. I barely remember reading it, but I remember us both looking at each other and laughing/smiling. That’s the moment I chose for this photo (I have the down-on-one-knee question popping photo if you guys want it). This was the moment where we both knew what was about to happen and what it meant. All we could feel was joy and love and all we could do was stare, smile and laugh with each other.

Image 3 of Kristin and Steven

Thinking about this moment still takes my breath away and gives me butterflies. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said “yes, of course” (I think!), and we sealed it with a kiss. Later, he had our friends surprise us at my favorite brewery and celebrated with my family shortly after.

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