Kristin and Shaun

how they asked

Shaun and Kristin grew up about a mile from each other. They knew of each other but didn’t “know” each other. It was until August of 2010 when Kristin was introduced to Shaun at Salisbury University on her very first weekend there. They traveled 120 miles to “meet” each other. They began dating in September after Shaun gave her a series of notes (in his college bedroom) and the final one asked her to be his girlfriend.

Five years have passed–there were many memories made, loss of family members, purchase of a home, lots of jobs later, decided it would be perfect to pop the question on the day of Kristin’s 25th birthday party. After coming home from work, she was sent upstairs and saw the first of the series on notes on the same location it was 5 years ago–the toilet! Each note, Shaun reminded Kristin how far they had come in 5 years. Celebrating in their own home! The last note led her outside to the creek in the back yard where Shaun was waiting with the question of his lifetime. He is so resourceful that the birthday party turned into an engagement party filled with family and friends.

Image 1 of Kristin and Shaun
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