Kristin and Russell

How We Met

Russell and I met on Tinder which I figured is where I would meet my future husband but he did not expect to meet me on there! He downloaded the app on a hunting trip with his friends after being single for about 7 years. It was more of a joke to see what girls were on there. He then matched with me and we went out the next week. I was his second online date ever and now we are getting married!

Where to Propose in Boulder Colorado

Kristin's Proposal in Boulder Colorado

Proposal Ideas Boulder Colorado

Our first date was at Uchi which is an upscale Japanese sushi restaurant that is extremely impressive. I felt so lucky to get to go there on a first date. Later I found out that he has been wanting to eat there for a long time and didn’t want to go alone so he figured we would at least enjoy a really good meal!

How They Asked

I work in the wedding industry in Austin Texas and one of my favorite photographers has a second office in Denver. We have visited Denver before and love the mountains and can never seem to capture the beauty of the space from our iPhones. We decided to hire Caroline to do professional photos of us two so we could finally have those moments captured. I originally was hoping he would propose at the photoshoot but he quickly took those thoughts out of my mind when he kept calling Caroline by a different name and even asked us if we can cancel since there was some bad weather on the horizon.

I figured he wasn’t going to propose and to just enjoy the photos and the moments together. All along they were working out plans. Caroline texted me a day of and switched locations and it is all because she and Russell scouted the perfect location and wanted to switch plans. After about an hour of photos and two different locations, she asked if she could post an Instagram video instead of on her professional camera. That was the cue and Russell got down on one knee! She recorded the entire proposal on the video and snapped the most stunning photos on her professional camera. We then were able to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. We were on top of the world!

Our Video

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