Kristin and Robert

HOW WE MET: Robert and I met through mutual friends at our church. We were not impressed with each other at first; He thought I was weird and I thought he was a video game geek. We are both very shy and quiet, but conversation between us came naturally. Before we knew each other, we went out to lunch with friends after church and sat next to each other. I had with me an old book that I had found in an abandoned graveyard house (yes, it is a little weird I guess). I was a little nervous that he would think it was morbid or strange, but to my pleasant surprise, he thought it was pretty cool! We started talking.. mostly through instant messager.

After we had graduated to texting, I was making grilled cheese sandwiches when he texted that he was at a doctor’s office that was coincidentally, down the street from my house. As it turned out, we actually lived five minutes away from each other even though we met at a church about a half hour away! I eagerly offered to bring him a sandwich since he was so close, but he insisted on coming over to my house for it instead.

We continued talking for a week or two when he asked me out on a date through text. Our first date was like the ones in the movies. We were never silent. We went out for sushi, got ice cream, visited the abandoned graveyard house, and swung on the swings at one of our town’s school playgrounds. I had never experienced such an effortlessly fun date.

how they asked: Early morning of our engagement day, which was cleverly disguised as our monthly “date day”, Robert woke me up and we made pumpkin muffins together for breakfast. We went out to the Renaissance Faire and went for a walk at a nearby park along the Appalachian Trail. We wanted to get some pictures together in the fall foliage, so he set a camera on a stump and set a ten second timer. He darted into the picture, but instead of posing with me as I thought he would, he slid onto his knee while reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a tiny red box, flipped it open, and asked, “Girlfriend, will you marry me?” all in ten seconds! The camera captured the moment when all I could think to do in my excitement was sit down on the ground with him and say “Yes!”

Photos by db Photography.