Kristin and René

Image 1 of Kristin and RenéOur Marriage Proposal: The day we got engaged was my 26th birthday. René and I both had the entire day off of work, which was very rare at the time, as he was a restaurant manager and we had very opposite schedules. We started off the day by trying out a new church we liked, and little did we know that we would be getting married in that church 2 years later! After church we celebrated my birthday with my family and then got ready for my birthday dinner. René thought it would be nice to go to Carrabba’s since it is where we had our first date and it is a meaningful place to us both.

Image 2 of Kristin and RenéThe weather was perfect for a late summer evening and we sat out on the patio for dinner. Our dinner was romantic and relaxing, since we had the entire patio to ourselves. At the end of dinner, as we were enjoying our last glasses of wine, a couple ladies came out to the patio and sat at the table next to ours. It was quite clear that they had already had a few drinks because they were very loud and slightly obnoxious. I laughed them off, but René seemed overly disturbed by their presence. I kept telling him it was no big deal, just ignore them but he seemed more aggravated than his usual laid back demeanor.

After the ladies left, René took my hand and led me over the side of the patio that over looks a pond with a fountain. I thought, “Where is he taking me?” He turned to me and said, “You always say how Birthdays are so special to you because they are a celebration of life. I want to celebrate our life together. Kristin you are my best friend and I love you more than anything ” Then he got down on one knee.

It all sunk in. This is THE moment, I thought!! Immediately my heart started to race and I had to concentrate to listen to his words. He took my hand and said, “Kristin, will you marry me?” I screamed and said, “Yes! Of course!” René put the ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed and I screamed some more.

Once we were seated again, the manager of the restaurant came out with a bottle of champagne and glasses. We toasted to each other and our new life together.

Many of our friends and family were meeting us at a local pub after dinner to celebrate my birthday. It was even more of a celebration when we announced to everyone that we had just gotten engaged. More champagne all around.

It was a perfect day and I would love to live it over and over again!

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Engagement and Wedding Photos by Pottinger Photography, based in the Cincinnati area.