Kristin and Nate

How We Met: We went to the same high school but never once said a word to each other. I wonder how many times we walked passed each other without ever knowing we would some day be getting married!?

how they asked: Nate asked me to take our two dogs on a walk to a near by trail. Not thinking anything of it sense its something that we do regularly, I agreed. As we are walking down the trail I notice a cute heart drawn in chalk. “Oh look, a heart” I said and kept walking, thinking nothing of it. As we keep walking a little while later, I start to see more little hearts along with rose petals.

Before even seeing the writing I knew right then and there. I turn to Nate and start bawling. He walks me a little farther where I see “Kristin, will you marry me” written in chalk.

Image 1 of Kristin and Nate

By this time I am straight up sobbing as he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was shaking so bad, he was shaking, we could hardly even get the ring on!

Image 2 of Kristin and Nate

As I sat there hugging him I notice some of our family and friends running towards us, along with a photographer hiding in the bushes. Definitely the best day of my life!

Image 3 of Kristin and Nate

Photos by: Lauren Patterson