Kristin and Michael

How We Met

We met at the University of Kentucky about 3 years ago, through a mutual friend. I was coming home from studying at the library when my roommate said, “Come on, we’re going out to my boyfriend’s fraternity party you have to come with us!”. I was reluctant at first because I had about 10 minutes to get ready before they were about to leave, but I pulled myself together and was so happy I did. At the party my best friend just happened to be dating his best friend, so they introduced us and we hit it off from the start! He walked me home and I gave him my number, but little did I know he would wait an ENTIRE WEEK to text me! I thought it was a lost cause, but then soon realized he was the one for me.

how they asked

My fiancé is in Medical School and has spent the past 2 years of our relationship in the Caribbean completing his first 2 years. When he came back to the states we decided that I would move with him to wherever he was going to do his last 2 years.

We found out at the end of July that he got placed in New York City so we scrambled to get to New York, find an apartment, and get me a job all in about 3 days. When we came back to Kentucky from our trip I was pretty irritated that he hadn’t proposed while we were in New York doing all these amazing things to start our life there.

Later that week, my best friend said her coworker gave her free tickets to this Wine Tasting event and wanted to spend some time with me before I left. On our way to the Winery I was (of course) complaining about how sad I was that Michael hadn’t proposed in New York and was wondering when else he would find a time to do it before we leave in 2 weeks. Once we got there we got our wine, hung around, then she suggested we go on the self-guided tour through the vineyard which sounded great because I had never done it before.

Little did I know that I was walking into what would end up being the best day of my life. As we got to the edge of the vineyard and turned the corner, there was Michael waiting for me to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. I obviously said, “YES!” and then turned around to see my whole family and puppy there!!

They all traveled to from Montana and Chicago just to be with my on my special day. We popped champagne, laughed, cried, and had the truly the best day ever.

Kristin's Proposal in Talon Winery, Lexington, KY

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