Kristin and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met in our 8th grade English class. From being 14 years old to now 23, we both have been able to watch each other, and our relationship, grow over the last 9 years. After high school I went to college at the University of New Hampshire while Matt went off to bootcamp for the Marine Corps. We did long distance for those 4 years I was in school while he got stationed from place to place after bootcamp. He finally got permanently stationed on Oahu and after I graduated we decided it was time to end the long distance relationship and finally be together. We moved in together last year here on Oahu where I was able to secure a good job and we were finally starting our lives together.

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how they asked

We live on Oahu, HI and went on a little “staycation” to Kaua’i, HI for 5 days before Matt, who is in the Marine Corps, gets deployed soon. The weekend before we left, he told me he had to work on Maui for a few days, but he was actually flying to our hometown in CT to ask for my parents blessing in marrying me. I had no clue he was in CT and my parents and his did a great job of keeping it a secret. After an amazing helicopter tour of Kaua’i the crew asked if we wanted our picture in front of the helicopter so we said yes and I went over to where they said to stand. Matt was no longer next to me and one of the crew members came to tell me that the pilot asked Matt to come look at something in the helicopter – knowing that he is a helicopter mechanic in the Marines. So I stood there waiting when the pilot came over telling me “a Marine’s job is never done”. Matt then comes walking towards me holding something saying “look I found what was wrong on the helicopter!”. I had no idea what he was talking about until he got closer and what he was holding was the ring box! He then got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl alive. The entire maintenance crew, pilot, and other workers were all in on it and it was amazing. Image 7 of Kristin and Matt

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