Kristin and Joshua

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How We Met

I met Joshua in high school, but we both we’re dating other people at the time. When I was a freshman in college, I became better friends with him. After getting to know each other from mutual friends, instantly Josh and I became best friends! We were inseparable. He and I had such a rare friendship and we’re so close. Our special bond eventually led us to become more than friends later on. I will never forget the night of our first kiss—we were in my apartment with some friends when I was a senior in college. We were talking about our future and where we see ourselves later in life, and all of a sudden mid-sentence, he kissed me! It was definitely unexpected, but immediately it felt so right. We both realized we had strong feelings for each other and ever since that moment, we knew it was meant to be. We fell in love shortly after that and have been together for 4 and a half years! He inspires me in so many ways and makes me so happy. He truly is my better half. I can’t imagine spending life with anyone else. I can’t believe now I am engaged to someone who has been my best friend for so long! It is such a fairytale.

how they asked

Saturday, February 20th was the day of Joshua’s birthday party. His mom throws him one every year with friends and family invited. We arrived at his mom’s house and had to walk through their neighborhood to get to the back of the house. Immediately I saw the most beautiful decorations on the porch. String lights everywhere, fresh flowers—and my favorite, rose petals all over the ground. Hand in hand, we walked into the gate to look at all the decorations his mom did for his birthday party. But I immediately I gasped while looking around the patio and then saw he was already down on one knee. As he was telling me all the things he felt about me & proposing we spend our lives together, he and I were both in tears. I realized these decorations were not for a birthday—but instead they were a surprise to celebrate our engagement! After the proposal, all of our friends and family poured out of the back door to congratulate us. They had been hiding inside the entire time watching the proposal! Soon, all the little details to build up to this moment started unravelling! I found out the week before the proposal, Josh took my dad golfing all day and out for drinks after, and asked permission for my hand in marriage. It turned out everyone was in on the surprise, somehow! As I walked inside, I saw dozens of flowers, engagement signs, “I DO” balloons, diamond ring cookies with our initials on it, and much more engagement decor. I was stunned when I realized this entire time they had not been planning a birthday party, but an engagement party! So many friends and family did so much for us to make this the most memorable day. So much thought went into each decoration and detail, it blew me away. Later I found out he also hired a photographer to capture the proposal. He hid in the bushes to take photos and record the proposal as well! Josh later told me he has had this planned out since last holiday. It means so much to me that he put so much thought into how he was going to ask me to be his wife!

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