Kristin and Josh

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our home during our annual Halloween party

How We Met

We had mutual friends and went to the same high school, but our paths never crossed until about 10 years later. Having kept most of those same friends through the years, our paths started crossing more often at bars and get-togethers. But it was on a trip to Mobile, AL for Mardi Gras that Josh and I officially hit it off. Immediately we were best friends. Even before we realized we liked each other when we talked we would go into our own world and essentially ignore everyone around us. I’m sure our friend group grew tired of us slipping into our own world on every trip and outing that first summer together we were official. And through the past 4 years, we’ve only become closer and wiser having been through a lot of growth — and still can talk for hours about nothing and everything.

Proposal Ideas In our home during our annual Halloween party

How They Asked

I love the holidays. All holidays. I’m cheesy and I love any excuse to celebrate. Halloween, however, is one of my absolute favorites to celebrate. I’ve always wanted to host an annual Halloween party, so once Josh and I started building a life together I decided to!

The Halloween party has become so important to me that I will find any way to have every single one of my best friends and our large friend group there — including flying my best girlfriend from Colorado in to be there. It’s something I hope to carry on into our future when we decide to have children, morphing it from a wild keg party in our twenties into a cheesy child’s party in our thirties. Knowing how important this party is to me AND the fact all our most important people in both our lives would be there, he hatched the plan to ask me the night before at dinner with our mutual friends and got some of my girlfriends in on it. He had supposedly had the ring for about a month but couldn’t figure out a good way to ask until the perfect moment presented itself.

Where to Propose in In our home during our annual Halloween party

I had no idea what was actually in store for the party that I had so meticulously planned and went ahead preparing and rushing around to get the party decorated, food ready, costume on — I was a ball of stress. But all day Josh was as calm as I’ve ever seen him, helping me with any and every project I had throughout the day with a comforting, protective almost, attitude. As the party started he seemed to keep his distance, but I figured it was only because I was running around with all my favorite people in one place, and in costumes no less!

My girlfriends suggested we take pictures and get some good ones in front of our photo wall before the party really got started. As I got our dog, Bonnie, situated and posed for the photos I was talking and laughing with my friends completely unaware of Josh behind me. I should have noticed my friends had their cameras out too for a picture of our little family.

I turned around and was completely stunned, he was down on one knee and had the most beautiful ring in a box shining up at me. Now, Josh is the shyest man I’ve ever met, so the fact that he chose that moment, in front of the entire party, to ask this question was the most surprising aspect of it all!

I quite literally couldn’t believe what was happening right before my eyes. But, to know this man is to love this man. I couldn’t feel luckier or more excited to get to stand by his side and face all the ups and downs of marriage the rest of our lives — with my best friend.

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