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How We Met

Jose and I met for the first time at a local church in Las Vegas. We realized there was a spark a week later when we we had a mushball (combination of kickball/softball) game with a lot of mutual friends. We are both athletes and used that as our playing field to “show off” for each other. Our first date was soon after, and I knew that he and I had something special. Jose was the only man that I dated who eventually met my boys. I promised myself that no one would meet them and be in their lives unless I knew that they would be the one I would marry. My promise stood true.

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Over the last 2 1/2 years, Jose has been the missing piece our family was waiting patiently for. He makes God and family his priorities and has become my best friend, and the best father figure to my boys that I could have ever asked for. He treats Brenden and Jaxson as his own while preparing them for the future and all the while, makes me a better mom in the process. Each day simply gets better than the next with Jose. I love him and can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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how they asked

I went to Saturday open mat Jiu-Jitsu training with my family (Brenden – Age 10; Jaxson – Age 7), as we all participate. Sensei mentioned that we are going to work on getting close to our opponent and that one of the drills we can do is to use a blindfold, which will allow us to use our senses of touch and sound, along with the skills we have learned through training.

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I was the first to go in the “shark tank”, meaning I grapple with multiple people back to back. The rule was that if the blindfold came off, I had to do 100 burpees. First, I grappled with Ashley, a blue belt. Then, my next opponents were my 2 boys which caught me by surprise but was fun grappling with them. The whole time they were trying to take my blindfold off and I was pushing them away from it (not knowing the end reason why they were trying so hard to get it off was because Jose was down on one knee).

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Once they finally got the blindfold off, Jose is down on one knee asking me to marry him. I said YES! He had our closest friends and family there and also flew out my best friend from Virginia to surprise me! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man of God and live out the values of the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu 6 Blades: Family, Loyalty, Discipline, Attitude, Respect and Honor.

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