Kristin and Jesse

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How We Met

In May 2012, I graduated from high school. As I was a few days away from my graduation celebration, my older sister and her boyfriend at the time came to me to all excited about this guy they knew that they thought was perfect for me, and decided they were going to invite him to come to my graduation party.; regardless of any say I may have had at the time. The night came, and being a newly 18 year who just graduated high school, my mind was far from a potential relationship- I wanted to enjoy my summer with friends, and get ready for the new chapter college was going to bring. Half a year later, our paths crossed again, so we started talking more and more and soon enough, casual weekend hangouts with groups of friends turned into daily dates and talks filled with laughter, sharing interests, and everything in between. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

We had some money saved, so we decided to take a break from the copious amounts of studying and take a week long beach vacation. Maui seemed like the perfect destination- tropical, relaxing, and undeniably beautiful. After a year of intense planning and figuring out what activities to do, which restaurants to go to, and where the best snorkeling is, the time finally came. We packed our suitcases and we were off. The first night we got there, we went to the room, and got settled. Jesse suggested we go down to the beach to watch the sunset, and I of course agreed. He strapped on his go pro to “get pictures of the sunset” or so he wanted me to think. As we got down to the beach, he told me to go stand in the water so he could get a picture of me with the sunset. As I faced the sunset for a few moments to grasp the fact that we were actually in Maui, he told me to turn around and there he was on one knee holding that little black box. I froze until i realized what had actually happened. He said to me “Im in the most beautiful place with my favorite person, and I want to marry you.” It’s a moment I wont forget for my whole life. I SAID YES! (Duh!!)

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