Kristin and Jeremy

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How We Met

We met in the summer of 2004 when I was 14 and he was 15 through a friend of mine in middle school. We actually met in the bookstore called Borders at the time. We exchanged phone numbers but didn’t think anything of it. My best friend actually convinced me to prank call him the next day and he didn’t find that too funny. We then ran into each other that next day in front of Publix and made plans to hang out. We became best friends all throughout high school and began dating in my freshman year of college and have been together ever since!

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how they asked

We had a trip planned to Long Island, New York to visit my family. My family had made plans to go to NYC on Saturday July 16th. My family can be very indecisive and kept changing the day we were supposed to go. This made things very hard for Jeremy to secretly plan for a photographer to be waiting for us in Central Park. He ended up telling my cousin his plan so that we could stick to the new plan of going to the city on Sunday July 17th. He told me that he wanted to go to Central Park because he has never seen it without snow and that we were going to meet his friend Justin there. I didn’t think much of it because I wanted to see Central Park too. He told Justin we would meet him there at 10am (and secretly the photographer too) and we didn’t end up getting there until almost 11:30am. The whole time there Jeremy was upset about making Justin wait.

We got to Central Park and found Justin. We then started walking around and Jeremy and Justin seemed a little lost… they were also pretending to catch Pokeman which made me a little annoyed as me and my two cousins, aunt and uncle were following them around “catching Pokeman.” I love photography so I was just making the best of it taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. Finally Jeremy says there’s something by the bridge and we should go over there. We walk over to this beautiful spot overlooking the Gapstow bridge and I begin taking pictures. This picture is me being excited of the scenery and making Jeremy smile for the camera (at this point his hand was holding the ring in his pocket and all he wanted me to do was follow him to the spot and I was busy taking pictures!)

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I turned around and realized my family stayed behind and asked Jeremy why they weren’t down here with us. This is the picture of them by the tree.

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He said not to worry. He then told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and got down on one knee!

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I then thought my family was staying behind to take pictures but then Jeremy turns around and introduces me to a photographer that was secretly behind a tree taking pictures and video the whole time!! I was so surprised he was able to pull this off since I plan EVERYTHING!

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His secret was making his plans around my plans. I felt really guilty at the end that not only had we made Justin wait the hour and a half but the photographer was standing in the sun for the hour and a half waiting for us to arrive! I also found out Jeremy and Justin were not catching Pokeman… the were secretly texting the photographer to find her location! Once he saw her he secretly lead us following her towards the bridge.

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It was the best day ever.

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