Kristin and James

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how they asked: I never in my life expected my Easter Sunday to turn out the way it did!!! I had my family, my boyfriends family and friends at my house for Easter. We sat around and ate so much food having great conversations and a nice relaxing afternoon. My friends dad who is a magician brought some tricks to my house (which he always does when he comes). He’s awesome and I love when he puts on shows for us. The final trick of his show involved a prince and a princess so my boyfriend volunteered us to take part in the trick. He put a princess hat on my head and told me I had to hold a magic wand and follow along with his directions. The story behind the trick was that I was a princess who had a beautiful necklace that broke. He put it in a magic bag and took it out and it was in one piece and fixed. The next part of the trick was that a magic box appeared for the prince inside the magic bag. He handed it to my boyfriend and right before my eyes, he was down on his knee asking me to marry him. No pun intended, it was seriously magical!!!

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