Kristin and Jacob

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How We Met

Who would have thought I would meet my husband-to-be in a Women’s Bible Study! I know? How is that possible? Well, it started with meeting his mom first. Jake’s mother, Molly, and I both served at Harvest Christian Fellowship as Assistant Leaders for Virtue. Molly had mentioned that she had a son just a couple times in passing. At that time i was dating someone and thought he was the one but things changed and I felt God telling me I needed to move on. Back then it was tough but today I see the big picture, Jake was waiting for me right around the corner and he was the man God intended for me. A few months passed and Molly mentioned her son and I told her that I had a quick encounter on Sunday at church with him. “He has such a cute smile!” Those were my exact words to her and well it’s true…his smile still makes my knees weak! Molly had mentioned me to her son and that I thought he was cute. “SHE DOES, She thinks I’m cute!?” Were his exact words! He proceeded to message me on Instagram saying “..My names Jake, you know my mom haha.” I still have the Instagram message saved to this day. It may be cliche to say but the rest is history! We met at church the weeks to follow then we went on our first date in Laguna Beach, CA. Even on our first date people could see the spark between us. A man at the art studio we were admiring stopped us …”did you two just get in engaged?” We looked at each other and then back at him ..”no haha it’s our first date!” Guess he knew something we didn’t!

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how they asked

I have been beach camping with Jake and his family plenty of times, so a weekend at San Elijo Beach didn’t seem out of the ordinary. I woke up early that Saturday morning because I had to stop by one of my events (I am an Event Manager) in Mission Bay. While working at my event I expected Jake to be surfing and hanging out with his family and friends but in actuality he was coordinating a day I will never forget. Jake originally planned to ask me to marry him the following weekend. He had everything planned out but my girlfriends gave him a heads up that I was on to him—which was true! It’s really hard to surprise me, matter of fact no one has ever succeeded! Jake was left to come up with an Plan B. Which brings me to Saturday, May 14th 2016. While I was at work Jake was running around setting everything up!

I arrived back at our campsite and was ready to jump in the ocean and relax. I am definitely a beach girl and known to be a mermaid because I love the water. Jake walked up to the campsite–not knowing I was back from work and had a surprised look on his face. I thought “hmm I caught him talking about our proposal happening NEXT weekend!” Little did I know he was talking to his best friend Dalton about our proposal happening in just moments! I changed into my bathing suit and threw my pineapple shirt on (ironically) and was ready to head to the beach with Jake. We started walking down the wooden steps, my toes hit the sand and I was on a mission walking straight toward the water. Jake said “let’s walk down further..” I was like “alright” and while walking my eyes caught these golden pineapples. My first thought was…whose are these? and where is this person?!! We have to be friends because we obviously both love pineapples! As i got closer…Jake got more nervous …it still was not clicking in my head! Then Jake grabbed my hands, pulled me closer and I turned to face the wooden sign only to read in big white letters, ” Will you marry me?” The letters were framed by those golden pineapples and I stood in complete shock! I have never been so surprised it felt like an outer body experience. Jake started talking and I couldn’t even hear him I just kept looking around in shock. What I did manage to hear was “Babe, we have been dating for 8 months and 26 days ..I know because I counted. I promise we will always keep God first…” and then the rest I honestly could not tell you!

He got down on one knee, opened this beautiful wooden box (that he made)and there was an amazing ring! He asked…and I said YES! He was so nervous he forgot which was the correct finger to place the ring on!

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People on the beach were clapping and then I noticed a familiar face, Jake had asked our great friend Chad to capture our special moment. Chad is a great photographer and we ended up having an engagement photo shoot right then and there. As if this wasn’t special enough it was about to get even more special…we walked back up to our campsite which was decorated with balloons and a cake and all of Jake’s family was cheering for us! I turned and out behind the camper popped out my parents (who hadn’t been there before) and I began to cry such tears of joy!

The man of my dreams thought of everything and everyone and truly made me feel so incredibly special!

The following weekend Jake planned a hot air balloon ride at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival. It was a weekend full of celebration with all of our friends. There was great wine, Jimmy Eat World performed and I got to check hot air balloon ride off of my bucket list! It was definitely an engagement party to remember!

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Special Thanks

Chad Cedric Salvador
 | Photographer