Kristin and Jacob

imageHow We Met: Jacob and I met in our Biology class, sophomore year of high school, although Jacob will always say “yeah, but we had chemistry”. Get it? We finally started dating on August 23, 2009!

how they asked: We had a whole date planned to “celebrate me being finished with this semester”. He brought me breakfast to my house, then we went to the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, Alabama because I love being outside and taking pictures of nature. Afterwards, we went to Connor’s which is a nice steakhouse. After we ate dinner, he asked if I wanted to go back to his parent’s house to sit outside and talk a little bit. When we got there, I went inside first which gave him time to set up my iPad for the video. When I walked outside, he turned around and was smiling really big and gave me a hug. Then he made a sound to call his brother, signaling him to light the fireworks. He got down on one knee and asked “will you marry me?”, with happy tears in his eyes. I was looking at him, then back at the fireworks so it took me a while to really understand what was going on but of course I said yes!