Kristin and Garrett

How We Met

About a year after I graduated college, I decided to attend my alma mater’s alumni weekend to see two of my best friends, who were just about to graduate themselves. After a night out at the local watering hole, we found ourselves talking to this group of guys and one in particular stood out to me, Garrett had a killer sense of humor and we were caught in conversation. At one point, he mentioned that his hometown was only about 6 miles from my hometown (our college is about 300 miles from our hometowns), and I just couldn’t believe it!

The next night out, at the same watering hole, I happened to just be walking around and saw him standing in the corner and totally out of character (I tend to be very introverted), I decided to go and talk to him again. The rest is basically history – 5 hours and a sunrise later, he gave me a quick smooch, and said he hoped that we would see each other again and exchanged numbers.

I drove back home with my heart aflutter, waiting for that first text from him. Since he still had a few weeks left at school, we texted back and forth for a few weeks before meeting up for our first date, and after the initial nervousness of not having seen each other for a few weeks, I knew he was the one.

how they asked

We woke up on Christmas morning and wanted to spend some quality time opening gifts and enjoying our first Christmas in our recently purchased apartment. After making some espressos and settling on the floor with our two cats, we started opening gifts. Garrett started, and then it was my turn. I was asked a few weeks prior for a gift idea, since I can be a little hard to shop for without ideas, and so I could tell by the box, that it was the UGG slippers I had asked him for.

So I tore the box open, and in the midst of my Christmas excitement, dropped the box – to which Garrett had a different reaction, but of course, I didn’t pick up on this. He was telling me that there was an arrow to show me which way to open the box (which again, seemed unnecessary for a box of slippers), and so I placed the box on the floor, opened the top and saw two novels and in the middle, the ring. I was in TOTAL shock – I even asked ‘Are you serious, is this real’? just because I was SO surprised. When he said, “yes, of course it’s real” and I looked up to him, he was down on his knee, asking those words every girl wants to hear – “Will you marry me?” and of course, I said YES! Best Christmas present ever.

Image 1 of Kristin and Garrett