Kristin and David

How We Met

In 2013, a group a friends from work decided I needed a girls night out. The last couple weeks had been stressful and dinner and drinks on Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach, CA sounded like the perfect cure. One the way to dinner, I had casually asked my friend, Karin, who was able to make it out. She started rattling off mutual coworkers and finished the list by stating, “…and Dave Diller” as if I should know who this guy was that was crashing girls night.

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It was explained to me that he worked in the corporate office of our company in Minnesota and had been coming into our office in Carson, CA for the last six months every couple weeks. I, somehow, had never met this mystery man but chose to embrace the new member of dinner, because it was the weekend of his birthday and he was visiting from out of town.

Getting to dinner, we were automatically placed across from each other at the table (completely planned by our sneaky coworkers) and spent the duration of our meal getting to know each other. From there, we continued the night at the local sports bar, where Dave taught me how to play shuffle board, we took birthday shots, and danced the night away. Even having a pretty awesome birthday kiss at midnight. At the end of the night, I was sent on my way home in a cab and he went back to Minnesota and there wasn’t communication after that.

Fast forward to a month later and Dave returned for his monthly visit to southern California. We were once again set up and spent happy hour next to each other, getting caught up on the last 60 days. Come to find out, Dave was given the okay by his boss to move to California, as he spent most of his time in our office and will be making this big move in September!

Over the course of the months leading up to his move, Dave and I had the opportunity to get to know each other, but decided early on that it was better for us to remain friends. When the big move happened in September that lasted a whole month when we both realized that there was something more than just friendship between us and on October 10, 2013 we made it official and began dating.

how they asked

At the beginning of 2016, Dave was presented with an amazing career opportunity. The catch: this amazing opportunity meant a relocation back to Minnesota. Without question, I asked him when we needed to be there and started preparing for our big move to Minneapolis.

Leading up to the move, we were packing up our home into our cars and also planning a trip to Hawaii. Since we had planned it prior to the job opportunity, we decided it was just what we needed before chaos controlled our lived for the next month. Dave was adamant that he was not proposing in Hawaii and I believed him. With the move and everything, we decided it wasn’t the right time.

Dave was gone the week prior to our trip, signing on our new apartment and meeting with his new team, prepping for the work ahead after our relaxing vacation. Dave was returning on Thursday, April 14 and requested we eat at The Standing Room in Redondo Beach. This small restaurant is attached to a liquor store down the street from where we used to live, but they make the BEST burgers!

The Standing Room also holds a special place in our hearts because it was there, Dave decided he was going to move to California and a year later, it was there he asked me to move in with in. Without question or though I agreed. I mean, it was the last time we would be able to eat here before we move.

After work, I stopped at the gym, got my fitness on before our trip and when I got home, we immediately left to make the walk down to dinner. No time to change out of my sweaty gym clothes or anything. On the way down, I talked about work, I talked about the move, the dinner I had with my best friend the night before. I pretty much talked about everythingdidn’t shut up once.

We ordered dinner, I bought a soda and Dave didn’t get anything anything to drink. Which was odd to me, but I didn’t let it bother me too much. We went outside and waited at the table and chairs outside. Dave had specifically asked to me sit facing away from the parking lot was weird but again, didn’t hunk twice about it. I again, talked some more when Dave got up, stating he needed a drink. I hollered, “I told ya you would want one!” thinking I had won because I was right.

When Dave came back he sat across from me and told me The Standing Room meant a lot to him and he had a lot of memories from this place. I agreed, and told him this was the place where he decided to move California, bringing us together.

Dave then asked, “Do you know what my favorite memory is?”

I replied, “The one when you decided to move out here, I would think.” He then looked at me for a moment and actually went to change my answer to when he asked me to move in with him when he cut me off with:

“I think it’s going to be this one…” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, didn’t believe it for a good 10 seconds but screamed, “YES!!”

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Five minutes later, he points out in the parking lot where he asked me to move in with him and when I turned around I saw one of my best friends, Kimber,who is a photographer, snapping pictures away of us. I was in shock in all over again! Dave had emailed Kimber and asked for her to surprise me with photos and she of course said yes.

Dave was correct, that moment was going to be his favorite moment at The Standing Room. It will also be my favorite moment forever!


Special Thanks

Kimber Brown
 | Kimber Brown Photography