Kristin and David

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How We Met

Dave and I met at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2012. It was the Spring of my junior year and his senior year. I was just returning from a semester in England and my friends told me about a new group of guys they have been hanging out with while I was away. I remember while I was in England, Dave asked me to be his friend on Facebook but we had never met. When I returned home, I was introduced to him. We found out that we only lived two doors down from each other in the same dorm room. One day, Dave and I ran in to each other in passing and he asked if I was going out to this bar that everyone went to on a Thursday night. Just turning 21, I was so excited. I was able to go to the bar AND this really cute guy just asked me to go with him! I knew I had to round up at least one of my girlfriends to go with me. That night, after a few drinks in the middle of a very crowded dance floor, we had our first kiss. We like to joke and say “we found love in a hopeless place.” We have been dating for 5 & 1/2 years.

how they asked

We are both from South Jersey, love the summer, and we spend our weekends at the shore. Dave planned one last “summer weekend” for us. We spent the day in Ocean City doing all of our favorite summer things. We rode bikes, ate pizza, and walked on the beach. That night, Dave recreated a date that we went on when we first started dating. We went to Lucky Bones in Cape May and after we went to this fishing pier to look at the stars.

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Saturday morning, we had a full day planned. We rode bikes, went to the Cape May Lighthouse, went to lunch at The Blue Big, had some drinks at the Cape May Brewery, and then we had a photoshoot planned with a photographer that we know. Earlier that week, Megan had sent out a Facebook post asking for a couple to be models for her website that she is re-doing. Obviously, loving all of her photos, I immediately commented. To my surprise, we were chosen! Little did I know, Dave had staged this entire thing for the proposal. Good thing I was in front of him the entire time or I would have seen the ring box in his back pocket. ;)

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When we got there Meg told us that she wanted to try out these new posing cards. One of the cards said “Stand shoulder to shoulder and walk toward me like you are glued together.” We were having a blast. Then they began to get more serious. We were told to look at each other and tell each other 5 things we were grateful for. We reminisced about where we met, our first kiss, and things we loved about each other.

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Then Meg’s final direction was for me to turn with my back toward Dave. He put his arms around me and his direction was to tell me how proud he was of me. He then slipped me an Adventure Log. I was so confused. We had an original Adventure Log together where we would record all our travels (NYC, Disney, Boston, Virginia Beach). We would write what we did that day and memorable things that had happened. This one though had a number 2 on it. When I opened it, on the inside cover said ” You & me – to the next chapter of our life together.” He went on to share the things we did that day and at the end it said “We went to go get sunset pictures with Meg. It was there that we started the next part of our adventure together. As Kristin stood with her back to him, Dave got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around…”

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I turned around and screamed “WHAT”, I was in shock!

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You can’t tell by the pictures but there were hundreds of people on that beach clapping and cheering for us. It didn’t matter to me. In that moment, it was just us. It couldn’t have been more perfect. On the beach at sunset is my favorite time of day. We can’t wait to start this next adventure as husband and wife!

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