Kristin and Dan

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How We Met

Dan was friends with my older brother in elementary school and I had not seen him in years. While waitressing, he started frequenting the restaurant and we had recognized each other. Over the years Dan continued to come in and stirred up light conversation. I was also in college so I was often spotted in a small corner of the local Starbucks with my head in a stack of books. Dan tells me now he was “hooked” on my look, from the frazzled waitress to the cute bookworm, he couldn’t believe Steve’s “baby sister” had turned into such a pretty girl. It took him months to muster up the courage to ask to spend time with me (he thought I was out of his league). And the way he asked to hang out with me? He had asked to borrow a book I was reading one time at Starbucks and was hoping we could discuss it after he read it. Well we met for that “discussion” and he had confessed that although the book looked interesting, he used it as a ploy to be next to me. From that moment on, we were inseparable. I never would have thought I met the man of my dreams when I was 5 years old. He is the bravest and strongest person I have ever known. I feel like I wasn’t living until I met (again) Dan.

how they asked

Fast forward 3 years later, Dan took me to Longwood Gardens for their Christmas show (I told him for a year I wanted to go). Unbeknownst to me, he hired a photographer to follow us around the whole time, but because of the crowds we had lost her a few times. Dan kept wanting to backtrack through the gardens and was on his phone the whole time! I was starting to get frustrated with him on his phone, little did I know he was trying to find the photographer! Our walk was coming to an end and we had finished the whole trail. He wanted to walk past the water show and through the arches of lights (my favorite) one more time as we left. Dan took my hand and said, “well I think our trip to Longwood Gardens was a success….but there’s one more thing to make it perfect”. He stopped and I turned around and Dan was on his knee. All of a sudden the photographer, Courtney, popped out of the bushes and a whole crowd stopped to watch. He was on his knee (for what seemed like eternity) as he told me (he used my full name!) how much he loved me and wanted to make me his wife ever since those waitressing and bookworm days. We both cried and I pulled him off his knee and jumped on him. Despite the crowd and the flashes, there was only Dan and I in that moment in time.

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Special Thanks

Courtney Mckenzie
 | photographer
Longwood Gardens
 | Location