Kristin and Brian

How We Met

From Brian: I was stationed in Del Rio Texas for Air Force pilot training, when I was invited to a wedding in Dallas. I was single at the time, but was given a plus one. Most single guys would be thrilled, but considering I was from New York, I had very few options for potential dates. So I asked a friend of mine from training, and his wife played matchmaker with her best friend from home. Kristin and I had only met briefly before, but after talking for a bit, agreed to split plane tickets to Dallas for the festivities. After meeting her at the airport with flowers and champagne (how else do you kick off a 36 hour blind date wedding weekend?), we both realized it was love at first Texas two step. Two years later, we’re back in NY and happily engaged!

how they asked

From Kristin: Brian is a pilot in the Air Force National Guard, and was stationed for 6 weeks in Antarctica. He bought me a flight to Chicago to visit my best friends while he was gone to get a taste of home. I had no idea my life would forever change! My best friend and I were walking down Michigan Avenue to begin the evening festivities, when I turned the corner and dropped to my knees; Brian was HOME! I was in utter shock to see him standing in Chicago, and after many hugs and “Oh my gods!”, I finally exclaimed “YES!”

From Brian: My military career has taken me all over the planet, but I never imagined flying on the ice caps of Antarctica. While I was down there, I’d bought Kristin a flight to Chicago to see her friends that she left when she moved to New York with me. Little did she know, I planned to meet her in the city, after 6 weeks of being away, as well.

It was a cold February afternoon when Kristin and her friend left a bar near the Chicago river, and decided to sight see. I was waiting next to the river when they walked towards, and when Kristin saw me… I’ve never seen a reaction that sincere in my entire life. After dropping her purse, and turning to her friend to make sure I was real, she ran to me while I got down on one knee. She dropped down with me, knowing full well I had that ring, and I’ll never forget what she said “I’m just so happy you’re home!!” And after a short pause, in between sobs… “Yes!!! Of course yes!!” 

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