Kristin and Brett

Image 1 of Kristin and Brett

How We Met

I had known Brett’s sister, Olivia, for quite a few years, and over a couple years grew much closer to her. During this time, Brett was working in western North Dakota and I had never met him, until he was helping move Olivia into the house that I was living at. Our first interaction was very brief, I had a different boyfriend and was running to get to a family event. Fast forward 5 months, I was single and Brett just happened to be home for a long weekend. Little did I know, during these 5 months, Olivia had kept telling Brett that she thought we would be a good match, and Brett had kept asking her if I was single yet. They schemed for us all to get together with a couple friends over Memorial Day weekend. It didn’t take long once we were all together, that Brett and I had completely hit it off. He ended up making the 900 mile round trip back again the next weekend to take me on our first date, followed by the same trip back almost every weekend until Thanksgiving later that year when he moved back to Minnesota.

how they asked

Medora, North Dakota was the first trip Brett and I ever went on alone. There was something about passing the test of successfully setting up a tent together, hiking through the badlands with pitstops along the way to stop and talk about all of our future hopes and dreams, and late night chats under the stars while we were wrapped up in a blanket, cuddled around the fire, that made me realize Brett was, without a doubt, the one. Fast forward about a year, Brett and I decided to make another trip out to Medora, ND for a nice weekend getaway. After getting settled into the campsite, we decided to go for a hike to find a nice place to watch the sunset. We hiked around for a while, trying out a couple different rock ledges along the trail before finding just the right spot to sit and watch the glowing sunset on a perfect evening. Brett brought his guitar with so we could really just kick back, enjoy some music, each other’s company, and the beauty around us. He was playing a couple different songs before I heard one that really tugged on some heart strings. It was the song that I had been asking Brett to learn to play for me for several months, Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man”. It didn’t take long and some happy tears were starting to sneak up on me, it was so meaningful to have him sing that for me. Once he was done, he told me he had one more surprise that I had to stand up for. I stood, he had me close my eyes, and he moved me a little further away from the ledge that was right behind me. When I opened my eyes, there he was, down on one knee. My answer, without hesitation, was yes! He even planned it so well that he brought a tripod with for our camera. When I had asked about it earlier in the evening, he said “I just thought it would be nice to get some pictures of us that aren’t selfies for a change”. Little did I know he had brought it with, with intentions of capturing the proposal!