Kristin and Andy

How We Met: Andy and I met at a mutual friend’s wedding. We were officially introduced on our way into the reception. Right away, I thought he was cute all dressed up, and apparently, he had a similar reaction to me. As the night progressed we danced a few times, found out all the things we have in common – which is a lot – and he eventually asked for my number as the evening came to an end!

how they asked: The proposal was apparently in the works a few months before it happened. Andy and my friends, Jenna and Kristin, planned a perfect surprise proposal. They even convinced me to get a manicure two days prior so I would have perfect nails for the big event (although I didn’t know it was happening). It happened on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at a group birthday party/bonfire. Jenna had suggested taking a picture of Andy and I and although I was confused that we were going far out into the field by a big tree, it did turn out to be a lovely background. I was smiling for the pictures when Andy produced the ring from his pocket. I immediately turned away from the camera in shock as soon as I realized what was happening. After the initial surprise wore of, of course I said yes. To make it even more of the real deal, Andy got down on one knee to put the ring on my finger!

Photos by Jenna Rose Photography