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how we met

Most love stories start off with a prince or a knight in shining armor swooping in to save a beautiful damsel in distress, but ours is a little different. It’s a new day and age, we don’t have knights in armor anymore. This story is about your average southern gentleman who found the queen of his dreams in a midst of girls that could never compare who’s sole purpose was to light the torches to guide his path to his ultimate end quest! So to start this story off I need to tell you about this little thing called Tinder. Tinder is a dating app for anyone and everyone looking for a person in their life whether it be your typical friends with benefits that is so prominent in this day and age, to someone hoping to meet someone to spend the rest of their life with. This app is full of boys and girls looking for fun, which is more or less what our southern gentleman was looking for in this story. Swipe left or swipe right, that was the name of the game! Pretty simple – send message to everyone respond to the ones you’re interested in, and that’s just what he did!

All the swipes led to a multitude of matches, with whom which he had plans to meet at some point. (Side note in our story – our brave southern gentleman was in the process of applying for the ARMY, and fresh out of a relationship.) Back to the story, so there were many matches, some better than others. There was one match that kind of stuck out, so he spent a little extra time messaging this match trying to get a phone number and hopefully a chance to meet. This one was a real beauty: blonde hair, blue eyes, country girl, who seemed to have a heart bigger than Texas. Our gentleman did all he could talking to her every chance he could, knowing he was reaching a little out of his confidence level with such a gorgeous woman he tread carefully. Week went by of simple talk and learning as much as they could about each other, until one day while grabbing some dinner and a drink by himself at his favorite watering hole “Wild Wing Café” he decided to send out a text, see if she would want to join him. To his surprise she was ecstatic at the offer, said she would be there in a few minutes. At this time the nerves started to build, slowly. Those few minutes did not go by fast enough to prepare him for what was about to take place. I guess before I continue I can reveal the true identity of our gentleman, as you may have already guessed by now it’s me!

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So the time arrived I was sitting there talking to one of my close friends who happened to be the bartender, Cam Duncan, who promised not to embarrass me. The text came in, “I’m walking in” she said. I turned to the door to see the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever had the opportunity to look upon. Her blonde hair shimmered with the light as she walked towards me with that knock out smile, I knew I was in trouble I was freaking out at a loss for words to say the least. I pulled up a chair and offered her a drink of which she obliged. At this time my heart was pounding my mind was racing and I was completely lost in her deep crystal blue eyes. She had my full attention, at that one moment the world stopped and everything stood still, it all just clicked. We exchanged small talk for a while as we finished our drinks. After the drinks I realized it was about time for me to head on home, so I walked her to her car scared to death not knowing whether to make a move or just talk I was clueless. Fortunately for me, she was quite talkative so she invited me to sit in her car for a little while as we continued our conversations. I was slowly but surely melting into her hands, and I was completely fine with that!

The night came to an end it seemed like a split second after we started to talk and we parted ways. We hugged said goodbye and went our respective ways as I was kicking myself for not getting a kiss from her, because I was to nervous and scared. To my surprise she was eager to meet again, which made me some kind of happy! The days started forming together and what started as a flame before I left for the military became a love that burned brighter than the sun. There was no way I could leave this amazing woman behind, so I dedicated my time to her and the rewards pay off every day I get to wake up and know that I have the most amazing woman in the world with my name on her mind every single day!

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how they asked

I finally got up the nerve to ask her to marry me! My sister and I devised a plan. She was going to come up and take pictures and during the pictures I had planned to pop the question. So we spent the day taking some amazing pictures and all the while that ring was burning a hole through my pocket. Towards the end of the photo shoot I finally got up the nerve to pop the question.

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So I dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked her to marry me!! The surprise worked she wasn’t expecting it at all and thankfully she said yes!

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