Kristie and Alex

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How We Met

We met at college – 6 years ago, in Scranton, PA – and both happen to come from NY.

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how they asked

I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii, but my sister, my mom, and myself had plans to stop in Napa on the way home back to NY, we started collecting napa coasters the year before and decided to go back to get more. We showed up on that Wednesday to Artesa vineyard, that we had been to the year before, and I said “we’ve been to this one let’s move on” and my mom pretended not to remember it – and I said “you’re going to regret walking up those steps to see we’ve already been to this one!” And so we enter the vineyard and the host offers us champagne, I then notice our name on the welcome card and proceeded to bark at my sister for making a reservation at a vineyard we have already been to!

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The host then says I will bring you to the wine master now who will explain the wines – we follow her, turning the corner to the tasting room and Alex is standing there! In shock, I ask him over and over again what is he doing on the west coast? He says let’s go outside to the balcony – and proposes!! My mom and sister knew all along. Needless to say, I said yes and we proceeded to have a wonderful day of wine tasting together.

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