Kristianna and Glenn

How We Met

I met Glenn in 2013 when I went to see my cousin in his high school play. My cousin, Nico and I have been best friends since he was born and he’s been doing plays and musicals since a little while after that, so naturally, I’m his #1 fan. I always enjoy sitting in the audience, and as I got to know the usual “theater people” he knew, I was always going into the theater with an idea of who I’d be seeing on stage. When I went to see Rumors on November 2nd, 2013, I had no idea what was about to unfold. Glenn caught my eye up on stage, an amazing actor who really made me laugh the entire show. Who was this new guy? After Nico’s shows, he usually invited me out to eat with the cast afterward and tonight was no different. Nico introduced me to Glenn and I had a feeling an adventure was about to happen. We found each other on social media later that night and the following day and ended up Snapchatting back and forth for a while. I remember putting makeup on just so I could look good for the pictures I was sending to Glenn. Eventually, Glenn got courageous and sent me a selfie with the caption: “I know you love seeing my pretty face but how about you text me sometime?” With his phone number on it. I’ve texted him every day since then. I was with Nico and two friends when he asked me on our first date. Glenn’s friend was hosting an acoustic night at her church and he asked if I wanted to go with him. I remember exactly what I wore the night of our first date and I remember my little brother helping me do my hair. Glenn picked me up and we headed to the church. Glenn got up and sang a John Mayer song and played piano. I was so proud of him and I wanted to record him but I was nervous and didn’t want to seem weird, so I took a video with my phone in my lap so he wouldn’t see it. On our way home he handed me his iPod and told me to pick a song. I picked Fine by Me by Andy Grammer. He later told me it was a test to see what I’d pick, and Andy being one of our favorites, of course, I passed. He dropped me home and we planned our next date, our first annual Patchogue Christmas Parade. A week later, he took me to the movies and we saw Delivery Man. He kissed me on the cheek for the first time during the movie. It was raining that night and when we got to my house he walked me to my door. When we said goodbye, I went in to kiss him on the cheek (because I figured that’s where we were at, at that point) but as I pulled away he pulled me in for our first kiss. In the rain, on my doorstep. Three days later, after I got home from school, he was texting me telling me lots of people at school were asking if I was his girlfriend. Then I got a phone call from him. Afraid that he was about to ask me out over the phone, I didn’t answer. Dummy! After a while of convincing, I got on the phone and he told me to come outside. He grabbed my hands and said that he’s been telling a lot of people about me and he’d like to refer to me as his girlfriend. I said “of course!” and that’s how it started on December 9th, 2013. This picture was taken on the day.

How They Asked

On Christmas morning at our apartment, we were exchanging gifts and Glenn said he wanted to go first. He grabbed his gift and not his stocking, and I said no – stocking goes first?! He said he wanted to open his gift first. When it was my turn, I figured I would open my gift first and then my stocking, as Glenn did. I opened my gift, then my stocking, and when I got to the end of it, Glenn asked if there was anything else in my stocking. I said no. He said, “something must’ve fallen out”. He walked out of the room, came back and got down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree. I cried and obviously said yes! The best Christmas ever!

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