Kristian and James

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How We Met

James aka Tony and I have known one another since we were about 16 or 17 years old around 2007 or 2008. According to Tony, we met on MySpace :). I insist that we met through a mutual high school friend. Tony and I were just friends and I had no idea Tony actually liked me.

Without knowing, we both were accepted into Hampton University for college. The summer before college 2012, I attended a pre-college program for incoming freshman. Tony did not attend this program, but since he had family in Hampton, one weekend he came to visit me. We went to see Dark Knight Rises and had pizza at CiCi’s. After that we barely spoke again.

We would see each other on campus at Hampton but never thought twice about one another (or at least I didn’t). He dated someone throughout college and so did I. Needless to say, neither one of those situations worked out.

Having not spoken to one another since who knows when, it was to my surprise what the next conversation would lead to.

I was on my way to head to the Outer Banks for vacation with my best friend’s family and I received a Facebook message notification.

“What’s up nurse? How is everything going?” was the message he sent May 25, 2013.

how they asked

June 11, 2016 was Tony’s 26th birthday. He was insistent on having a huge brunch with his closest friends and obliged. We couldn’t get reservations at the first restaurant we tried in Georgetown on the waterfront because our party size was too large. So instead, Tony wanted to spend the morning down by the water and since it was his birthday, I didn’t ask many questions.

The day before he mentioned to me that his barber suggested we try a spot called Tony and Joe’s. So that was our destination. We sat and we talked about who knows what! I brought up my best friend and her recent engagement. We were supposed to go wedding dress shopping for her the next morning( or so I thought).

Sarcastically I said something along the lines of, “whenever we get married.” And it was as if that was the cue. Less than what had seemed to be a couple of seconds later, the waitress presents a silver tray with a brownie dessert and a beautiful ring.

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Tony’s next words were, “maybe it’ll happen sooner than you think…”

He proceeded to get down on one knee to ask me to marry him, I didn’t remember much after that other than saying “YES YES YES!

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Special Thanks

Larry Wade
 | Photography