Kristi and Tristan

how we met

We met working together at Starbucks about six years ago. We were more like work acquaintances in the beginning but by the time Kristi decided to leave Starbucks, we started talking more and more and communicated over words with friends. Our relationship started with a healthy dose of competition to say the least.

how they asked

We were going on a date night like any other night. Kristi had known that a proposal was coming in the near future. She just didn’t know when. So that night, before dinner she asked Tristan “are you going to propose tonight?” His response was “nope” even though the whole time he had the ring in his pocket. So, Kristi was a little bit sour in the beginning of dinner, but Tristan changed that, as he always does, with his great sense of humor. After dinner, Tristan brought her on a walk through falls park, where he asked for her hand in marriage. She had no idea it was coming and it ended up being the perfect surprise to a much anticipation proposal.

Special Thanks

Mallori Ma Photography