Kristi and Tremain

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How We Met

Tremain and I met through a mutual friend….I was actually scrolling down Facebook 3 years ago and saw a picture of him with our friend…I instantly called my friend and asked about him. We talked on the phone for hours the next few days and then he asked me out on a date and told me that we could go anywhere that I wanted to. I picked my favorite restaurant which is Ocean Prime. Our first date was PERFECT and he was even more handsome in person than on the picture. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was charming, thoughtful and had a sense of humor as well which are some of the qualities that I love!

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We later decided to visit our mutual friend Lee, who introduced us, down in Florida and figured that would be the perfect way to introduce him to my sons who were 5 & 8 at the time. I explained to him that I was extremely over protective of my two sons and didn’t want them to meet too soon but once he met them it seemed as though there was an instant connection. There are so many things that I love about him and his smile can always light up any room….I finally found my soulmate and now the rest will be history in the making and It’s safe to say that we’ve been inseparable ever since…

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how they asked

On June 2, 2018, Tremain and I flew out to Las Vegas for a much needed BAEcation. I absolutely love the Eiffel Tower so because I do, Tremain booked our stay at Paris Las Vegas!

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He made reservations that evening for us to dine at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant which was so romantic and to top it off he had seating facing the Bellagio’s water show which was simply amazing!

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After dinner, he insisted that we take a picture in front of the water show but informed me that his friend and his wife were meeting up with us. We walked to the Bellagio and he asked his friend to take our picture. As soon as his friend got ready to take the picture he got down on one knee and he PROPOSED!!! I was so shocked, surprised and elated all at the same time.

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The scenery was perfect and I could tell that he really put a lot of thought and time into how he wanted to propose and I don’t believe he’ll ever understand how overjoyed he made me that evening.

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The water show was going on and the crowd actually stopped to watch his proposal instead! They even clapped and came to congratulate us…it was simply amazing and I’m sure I’ll be on cloud 9 from now on!!!

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Special Thanks

Khalif and Kween
 | Videographer
Champagne Life
 | They decorated the room for the celebration after he proposed