Kristi and Obe

How We Met: It was a hot, sticky afternoon on June 28, 2013. Obe took Kristi to the botanical garden in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Kristi loves flowers and Obe was being his typically sweet self. Thinking of her, he bought her a cold smoothie before their garden adventure, which she was grateful for because it was such a hot day. After walking around for a while, Kristi started to get tired and cranky and was ready to leave, little did she know she was about to have a life changing experience. She spotted an employee of the garden and asked Obe if he would ask her to take a picture of them before they left. Obe walked over to talk to the employee, while Kristi waited there. She remembers looking over at the two of them and seeing them both smiling. She didn’t think much of it, as she assumed he was being his usual, goofy, charming self, making everyone smile. When they came back, the kind lady took a few pictures of the two lovebirds on a bench and in front of a beautiful wall of flowers. Obe then suggested taking another picture, which Kristi thought was peculiar since Obe was not usually fond of taking pictures. Kristi, being the self-proclaimed photogenic person that she is, she gladly obliged. With photos snapping in the background, Obe took her hand and looked into her with kind and loving eyes, “you know I love you very much right?” To which Kristi so eloquently responded, “Ummmm…. yeah… why?!” Obe glanced at the camera, then back at the love of his life. “You know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me right?”


Obe asked as he gracefully kneeled on one knee. Kristi, now very confused, pulled back, “Yeahhhhh… what are you doing?” He reached into his shirt pocket as Kristi’s eyes welled up with tears. “I can’t imagine my life without you. I already asked your parents for their blessing…” Obe began when Kristi cut in, “when?!” (Obe had asked them a couple nights before when they were out celebrating his big wrestling win. He had snuck away from Kristi to call her parents) “Kristi Lien Moyer, will you marry me?!” Obe proposed. “Of course!” she replied, hardly able to control her emotions! What began as a generic, hot and sticky day, will now be remembered as one of the greatest moments in each of their lives. Thus begins a new and wonderful chapter in the beautiful story of Obe and Kristi.