Kristi and Kevin

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How We Met

The first day of middle school is full of many new things – new school, new students you hadn’t spent the past 6 years with, new friends to make, new teachers, new hallways, new routines. Along with these, also brought a new face into my life that would become my best friend, and eventually the love of my life.

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His name was Kevin Compton, and we met in Mrs. Walls’ sixth grade class – but I didn’t know exactly who he would be for me then, then he was just this boy that sat behind me and kicked my seat almost constantly. We didn’t talk too much throughout sixth grade – all I really knew about him was that he would bring a guitar every few days and play after school with a few other students.

It wasn’t until 7th grade, he asked me out to a hay ride, and though I said no, we began talking almost every day after school on the phone. We ended up both auditioning for our middle school’s production of “High School Musical,” and started dating around then as well. As 7th grade goes, who really goes on “dates,” and we eventually went back to just being best friends – but we still talked every day. In 8th grade, we gave it another go, and dated for a few more months.

We broke up right before our freshman year of High School started; we stopped talking altogether, and dated other people. But once again, all it took was one conversation and all of a sudden, it was like we never stopped talking to each other. We picked back up right after we left off! We officially started dating March 12, 2010.

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We spent almost every afternoon together – you could always find us eating with his family at Martinho’s in Downtown Mebane every Monday night, when track and swim season started, you could always find us cheering the other on at meets, and we eventually won Prom King & Queen our Senior Year of High School! (To think – we thought we were on Cloud 9 then!!) Once college started, he went off to NC A&T and I was at Elon.

Freshman year was tricky – as we were out in the world, it was time to decide who we were going to be as adults, and during this soul searching we took two minor breaks in the Spring, and ultimately took a break for the Summer when he left for an internship in Iowa – we both needed some time apart, but made a pact that we would stay single and meet at the end of the Summer to determine whether we should pick things back up or not…. this didn’t last long!

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On the 4th of July, a knock on my door ended up being Kevin – who had driven the 14 hour drive home from Iowa in one night, to surprise me! We had breakfast the morning he left back for Iowa, and booked tickets for me to fly up and visit him two weeks later.

Since then, we have been together ever since, continuously working to better ourselves, encourage each other, and build our relationship (even when I was working in San Diego, and he was in Illinois for an entire summer!)! So for those of you doing the math – we met when we were 11, became best friends and started dating when we were 12, and are now engaged at 22. Our relationship has truly been a journey, and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything!

how they asked

Our romantic weekend away to Asheville, NC started off with a trip to Biltmore Estate, which on it’s own is a wonderful adventure. We took a house tour and Kevin was just like a kid at Christmas – just so excited and soaking up every little detail of the history and magnificence that is Biltmore.

After we finished, we set out for the Omni Grove Park Inn – we had reservations on the Sunset Terrace for dinner, so we could watch the sun set over the beautiful mountains. Dinner was AMAZING, and one of my absolute favorite nights.

Everything was PERFECT – from the wine, to the food, even the bread rolls were exceptional!! It was the best food and dining experience we’ve ever had, and we ended up spending half the meal just exclaiming how good our steak and pork chop was, especially with our (new favorite) Cabernet Sauvignon.

As we ate, we continued to watch the sun slowly set over the mountains, beautifully radiating all over the trees and sky. Then came dessert – brownie latte cheesecake for me, and I treated him to a glass of Macallan 18 – because what other way to finish our best date ever? Everything was just exquisite and perfect.

I couldn’t ask for more. And then…. it happened. As the sun was starting to tuck completely away behind the mountains, he handed the waitress his phone, and stood up, asking me to stand as well. We smiled as we took a “picture” when I then realized she was recording a video! I asked him why, and he said “For this,” and he bent over to his blazer pocket and pulled out A BOX, then proceeded to get down on one knee.

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In that moment, time froze. He said “Will you marry me?” And before he could even open the box all the way, I was already in tears, saying yes. There is no way I could have ever imagined it being any more perfect. I was on Cloud 9, absolute Cloud 9. The waitress brought us two glasses of champagne and macaroons, and everyone around us was expressing congratulations.

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I was so happy, I was still wiping tears away as we thanked everybody.

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We finished our desserts, toasted to our new future and adventure, and then departed for our cabin up on top of the mountains.