Kristi and Julius's Proposal at Disney

disney3It was April 6, 2013… which also happened to be one of my best guy friends (Ross’) birthday. We had plans to go out and celebrate- all of his friends were first meeting in a hotel room at a small city with a lot of nightlife. I got there with one of my girlfriends and we were chatting having a good time, there were some people there that I didn’t know. Since I was single, of course I was scanning the room to meet new potential boyfriends, but no one interested me so far! It was getting later, and almost time to head out to the bar… that’s when Julius (who worked with Ross) walked in and I noticed him right away. He was so cute- tall, dark and handsom. But of course… I just kept about at what I was doing, you know… playing it cool.

Finally it was time to get out of the crowded room and take a little walk to the bars. As we are walking down the street, the boys kept lead since all of the girls were in heels and trailing slowly behind… except me. I did my best to keep up while scurrying along in my stilettos because I wanted to spark some conversation with Julius, but no luck on the walk there. At least I got out of the cold a little bit quicker than everyone else.

When we were finally in the warm bar and ordering drinks I was sure to stay close by Julius… to make it obvious I was interested!! Finally, I must have made it obvious enough because he introduced himself to me. He bought me a beer and we started chatting. That was it. We took off from there. Then I asked the infamous question “Do you lift?” and we started talking about fitness- I think that’s when he gave in and fell for me.

1014071_10153862713925565_537322609_nWhen the night came to an end, we parted ways but were texting immediately. The next morning I told my mom and closest friends that I met my husband. Little did they know that I really meant it, because less than a year later we got engaged. Ever since that first night, (Thank you Ross!) I knew he was it, even though it was a little scary at first… things all fell into place perfectly and I couldn’t be happier to have found the fairytale love I always dreamt of.

how they asked: We were on a much needed vacation in Disney World! It was Julius’ first time there, and I haven’t been in a few years. We were having a perfect trip and everything was great. We had reservations at my favorite restaurant in Disney, called the Prime Time Cafe. We both love the 50’s era and this is where the restaurant is based, you call your waitress “mom” and she yells at you for bad manners! Apparently, Julius was carrying the ring around the whole vacation waiting for the right time- but he ensured me that he was not proposing on the trip, so I wasn’t expecting anything. Towards the end of dinner, I didn’t eat all of my vegetables so our “mom” called me out in front of everyone and took me from my seat, next thing I know there is a bag handed to me with my name on it.. when I opened it, it was white Minnie ears with a bridal veil! “Mom” asked why I would be getting these and when I turned around Julius went down on his knee and asked me to marry him.


I teared up and that was it. He also had a grooms set of Mickey ears. We got “just engaged” Disney pins and the rest of our vacation was even more perfect. I always liked Disney, but now I am fanatic and we have already made another trip back there! Dreams really do come true!