Kristi and Josh

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How We Met

josh and i have known each other for about 25years. funny thing is, his mom couldnt trust him one summer to watcg his younger brother so i got the honors. after that summer, obviously me being a few years older, we didnt exactly hang out together much. years passed, still knowing of each other but not seeing each other. i moved back to out little home town about 6yrs ago and little did i know he would see me from time to time and say nothing. im absolutely horrible recognizing people from school, so i hadnt noticed. a few years passed amidst a few more passing bys. finally, one night while having drinks with a friend, i saw one of my daycare parents and decided to go say hello. josh was at the table, i was introduced to him and a couple months later we had our first conversation. this led to many more and finally a date after a few more months.

how they asked

now i come with three children, one being autistic, so this was a huge step for him. let it be known, im the luckiest girl. this man met the kids after a couple months and has treated them like his own. this held true clear up to “the night”. he asked their permission first off, info on the ring design, and even asked my one son to assist in capturing the moment. we had decided to go to our favorite city, pittsburgh, to go on a christmas tree hunt basically. we wanted pictures infront of all of the. i was super excited as well as the kids! we had dinner at station square pittsburgh and captured a picture with that tree, then ventured into the city. first stop ppg place where the fabulous tree and ice rink are. it was very crowded which made me cautious for my autistic son, i opted to get a photo across the street instead of by the tree/rink to avoid overstimulation on him. from what i kniw now, joshs heart sank, he insisted we get atleast one picture infront of the tree. so i agreed as long as we worked fast and got out of the big crowd. we worked our way to the rink where the tree was centered in, i just turned to ask him for a selfie with the kids and he was bringing me close to him. he started telling me, from what i remember, that he couldnt imgaine a life without me and he knew me and the kids were “it” for him…..the rest went blank because thats when he let go still talking and getting down on one knee. i was in pure shock and people around us were screaming “HES PROPOSING!!!!”. of course my answer was yes, and we absolutely did get tons of pictures in that spot by the tree that meant the most that night.

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