Kristi and Gunnar

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Downtown Indianapolis

How We Met

We met online while we were both in college. Ever since the day we met, we haven’t been apart since.

How They Asked

My hometown football team was competing in the state championship downtown. My family was interested in going so the plan was to meet them for dinner and then head to the stadium. We drove downtown and he parked in a parking garage pretty far from the stadium. Thinking nothing of it, we started walking to where we were “meeting my parents for dinner.” But really, we were walking towards the canal. We turned and he started walking down the steps to the canal and I didn’t know why we were taking this way. Then, just as we stepped on the canal, there was my family & friends standing on a bridge with signs that read “will you marry me?” He got down on one knee in front of everyone and the rest is history.

Kristi and Gunnar's Engagement in Downtown Indianapolis

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