Kristi and Brian

How We Met

We met in junior year of college, over 7 years ago now! I was hosting a party and one of my roommates invited some guy in her accounting class, who asked if he could bring his roommate, Brian. We met that night but didn’t spend too much time together until a few weeks later when we saw each other at another party and really hit it off. We like to say that we started hanging out and just never stopped. We knew from the beginning that it was special!

How They Asked

After almost 6 years of dating, we started thinking about our wedding and looking at rings. We had a big 2-week trip planned to Europe and everyone assumed that he was going to propose – even my boss at the time asked about it! I was so nervous about looking nice and wanting the moment to be perfect that I was going to spend the whole trip expecting it at any moment and I wouldn’t be able to focus on the experience of being in such beautiful places. Brian of course knows me better than anyone and made the bold decision on the morning of our flight to tell me he didn’t get the ring in time. I was definitely not happy, but by the time we landed in Paris, I was at peace with the fact that it would have to happen another time. After a day of hiking in Switzerland, we cooked a nice dinner and were drinking some wine on the balcony, overlooking the incredible mountains surrounding us. I was in my pajamas with no makeup on, wrapped up in a blanket. He looked over and said that he had to admit he lied about something, then pulled out the ring, which he had been keeping in his backpack the whole time, waiting for the right moment! I was shocked, and elated! I couldn’t believe he actually pulled off his ruse. At the time he knelt down on one knee, the sun was setting and the whole sky was this gorgeous shade of pink and purple. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life, to be overseas with this handsome man with such a bright future ahead of us.


Special Thanks

Pen and Lens
 | Photography