Kristen and Patrick

Image 1 of Kristen and PatrickHow we met: Pat and I met in March 2006. Pat was 18 and I was 15 at the time. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends galatic bowling, very cool back then. Although he was very cute and nice, I was not so nice to him and even thought he was gay.

Feeling bad, I messaged him on MySpace, again very cool back then. We soon made plans for our very first date to go get ice cream. It was too cold to be outside so we sat in his car and I even told him how I thought he was gay. Pat looked at me and picked my chin up with his index finger and said “If I was gay would I do this?” and he kissed me.

how they asked: It was our 9 year anniversary. I woke up around 5:30am to get ready for work. I made sure I looked extra put together since it was our anniversary. It was a normal day, busy at work and Pat texting me that he was dead at work. Then things started to get strange. My co worker asked me to bring a spare car key to his wife in Saratoga, he said she was doing a photo shoot in the park and locked her keys in her car. It seemed strange since it had been raining all day, but I took the spare key and drove to the park. While driving, Pat texted me to call him, so I did. I pulled into the parking garage near the park still on the phone with him and all of the sudden he came out from the other parked cars. I smiled and laughed as he helped me out of my car. We then started to walk to Congress Park. He led me to a pavillion where he said he had something to ask me. He took a black box out of his pocket told me he loved me then got down on his knee and asked me to do the honor of being his wife. My heart started to race and I teared up. I put my hand out for the ring, which is stunning, but I had forgotten to say yes. Pat looked at me and asked if I said yes and I said of course! I hugged and kissed him for what felt like forever. He told me to look behind him and say hi to his mother and my best friend who were video tapping the whole thing.

Image 2 of Kristen and Patrick