Kristen and Justin

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How We Met

In summer of 2015 we met at a church camp in North Dakota. I knew from the start there was something about this man. We started talking and soon we where dating. I love that he could tell jokes and always keep me happy. He always knew what to say from the start. We didn’t live in the same town until December of 2015, because he was in his senior year of college. I knew he would ask me some time the next year but didn’t know. The whole year came and there was no ring yet. I didn’t want to be that girl friend that was like I want you to ask me now. We enjoyed are dating, but knew when he got more foundation in Bismarck were we lived he would ask me.

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how they asked

So once upon a time Justin surprised me with a trip to Florida. I thought this was just a fun trip to see my friends and go to Disney World, but there was so much more. You see, this fella has planned this like 6 months ago, got my two Florida besties involved, told like a million other people and I knew nothing! Thursday the boys went to play at the beach and us girls were doing our girly things. When we went to pick the boys up from the beach I saw Justin super dressed up and knew right away what was about to happen. He had me close my eyes, walked me to the gazebo, we danced to “The Dance” by Garth Brooks and he told me all the reasons he loved me. At the end of the song, I could finally open my eyes and he said he had one more question for me. He asked, “Will you marry me?”

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I paused and was speechless (which doesn’t happen often), then said “YES!” He handed me the whole ring box and I handed it back and asked if he could put it on my finger (which was pretty hilarious).

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Then we went and took some pictures on the beach and celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory. Then the next day we partied at Disney! It really was a dream come true!

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