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Image 5 of Kristen and JoshuaHow We Met

I was a Freshman in college, and she was a Junior in High-school at my Alma-mater. We knew of each other, had mutual friends, crossed paths once or twice, and mostly just shied away until one day I decided to push it to the next step. We always commented and liked each others Instagram/Facebook posts and whatnot so we both “noticed” each other and finally I gathered the courage to message her. We began with small talk that was flirtatious but friendly. It proceeded eventually to us talking on the phone (since I was two hours away from our hometown at my college) for hours on end. Subsequently, we decided to meet up and go out on a date that was just that; no labels, no relationship status, no promises…just a date. Let me give a little back story here… I had recently been through a bad breakup that honestly made me not want to date ever again, so I was already nervous beyond belief even to just talk on the phone the first time.

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She has also been through a bad breakup wrapped up in dishonesty from the other party, which in turn made her timid to trust again. Story cont’d… So, I went home one weekend from school and our date was planned for that Saturday night. The night came and I went to pick her up from her house. Nervously, we were off on what we like to think of as our beginning. We decided on Steak-n-Shake because it was cheap but not quite “fast food.” When we got there I got out and opened her door and helped her out of my truck, and she said, “No one has ever opened a door for me, thank you.” I pondered this for a while and thought “Wow… this girl has never experienced a TRUE date.” So, I made it a point for the rest of the night to show her what a date was really supposed to be; CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD.

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As the night went on, and after I embarrassed myself by spilling honey mustard from my chicken tenders on my shirt, we went to a movie and we slowly worked our way into a comfortable date that went quite nice. However, I was feeling so much more for her than I had intended to this quickly. At the end of the night when I took her home, I knew I wanted to kiss her, I knew I wanted to see her again, and I was hoping she would feel the same. I walked her up to her porch and we stood at the door making small talk for a moment, and then it happened… we kissed. Emotions flooded my brain like a tidal wave… We said a blushed “Goodnight” to each other and I waited until she was inside safely and I drove off, still beyond myself with joy. We decided to have another date two weeks later on the day after Valentines and I ended up officially asking her to be my girlfriend by playing George Straits “Check Yes or No” on a mixed CD I made her in my truck before we went to dinner. And that was the beginning…

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how they asked

I was originally going to do a semi-cliche proposal because I really hadn’t had time to plan and orchestrate an elaborate proposal because I was a full-time college student. And when the time that I had planned was fast approaching, I just couldn’t bring myself to not go all out. She deserved more. So, I came home for Thanksgiving break and we began planning it for the day before Thanksgiving which was also the day before my birthday. We live in a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone including the local law enforcement. My mom and I contacted the Chief of Police and told him about planning the proposal, and we all went to work devising a staged arrest of myself so that I could propose.

The day came and it went down perfectly. My fiance’s uncle is a police officer here in Byron so we had his wife call my fiance’s mom and say that they were “looking for me.” She then called me to find out what it was about and I said “I gotta go the cops are here asking for me.” Long story short, we made up the story that I was under arrest for supposed shop lifting the night before… They asked if she could vouch for my wear-a-bouts and be an alibi to get me out of this. She said she had no idea what was going on. After carrying this scene on for 5-10 mins to get her nervous, the chief told her that there was only one way I could get out of this.

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He took my cuffs off and I walked over to her and got down on one knee and asked her if she’d “Be my alibi for life and Marry me?” SHE SAID YES!

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