Kristen and Zachary

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How We Met

I met Zachary when I was sixteen years old, I won’t be cliche and say it was love at first sight but there w definitely a connection. He was graduating high school and I knew I wasn’t going to see him again so I took a leap of faith and gave him my number, he called me an hour later making plans for the weekend and every weekend since for the last six years we have spent together.

how they asked

Zachary took me to Clearwater beach for the day it was perfect not to hot for a summer day in Florida, live music was playing at a local restaurant where we had lunch and surprise we even watched a beautiful beach wedding but other than a relaxing perfect day nothing happened. We went home and a few hours later Zac voiced his disappointment we didn’t watch the sunset and was eager to use his new fishing pole, so we headed to Honeymoon Island. We watched the sunset and even the dolphins paid us a visit. As the sun was setting Zac told me he loved me for the 100th time that day I told him he had said it enough that day and really didn’t need to say it again (lol) but he did followed up with a forever, a ring and a will you marry me, I think we all know my answer.

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