Kristen and Zach

how we met

We met in 2012. Right after I graduated high school. He had just finished his freshman year at Oklahoma State University.. GO POKES! We met at a party by the lake when I tried to change the song that was playing from a truck. It just happened to be his truck. We hit it off, dated for a year and decided that we needed some time to grow individually. Four years later we ran into each other and never looked back! We are stronger than ever!

how they asked

He waited SO long! We had been talking about getting married for over a year but we needed to wait until he finished school. He finally graduated in May of 2019. All summer I thought ‘This is it! Any day now!’ Three months go by with no ring. ( I know it’s not that long but it. felt. long.)Fast forward to August 19th. We had just left for a cruise to the Bahamas with a few of our friends. We got dressed up for a fancy dinner and decided to take pictures on the deck of the boat during sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking! As we were about to take a picture, he turns to get on one knee and asks me to marry him! Such a beautiful moment!

Special Thanks

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