Kristen and Tyson's Gorgeous Proposal in Santa Monica

Santa monica beach proposal_1

How we met: Tyson and I met 4th of July down on Santa Monica beach, so it was only fitting that he take me back to the place we fell into forever love for our proposal.

Tyson and I talked a bit (okay, a LOT on my part) about marriage. Growing up in Long Island, NY I had always wanted to tell our kids someday “ya know, I was engaged to ya fatha when I was in my 20’s”. So you can imagine there was a little ping of disappointment when, on the eve of my 30th birthday, no proposal seemed to be in site.

how they asked: The morning of March 24th, and the day before my 30th birthday, Tyson suggested I be home before 7pm so we can go to dinner since we both had to work the rest of the week/weekend. Tyson works full-time in South LA as a middle school Science teacher and voluntarily coaches four teams of middle/high school girls volleyball after school and on weekends since their school doesn’t offer sports programs. I work in the music industry so this doesn’t leave a lot of free time in both our schedules.

An early celebration… I thought nothing of it. When I got home that night Tyson was full of excitement and suggested we uber down to the restaurant, I was sure I had it figured out where we were going, a restaurant in Malibu I was dying to try. Why else would we Uber? He wants to leave at 7pm to make sure we don’t hit traffic, of course! When our Uber went only about a block from our apartment I got a little suspicious since I like to pride myself on no one being able to pull a fast one on me. We arrived at Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica, another spot I had walked and ran by a dozen times but we’d never checked out. Great! I thought, he totally surprised me and we are going to have a nice quiet dinner.

Tyson mentioned we had to get there early to throw me off and there was still about 15minutes before our reservation. He suggested we walk onto the beach and watch the sunset, not uncommon for us living so close we are fortunate enough to do that often. I obliged but quickly realized it was kind of cold and windy and that I wanted to go inside. He suggested just a few more minutes, that we take a ‘selfie’ (so un-like him) but it was my birthday and I was sure he just wanted to do things that I liked.

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The next thing I know he was pulling out his phone and began playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole, one of my favorites, following that a blue box, that I’d know anywhere, my dream ring TACORI, before I knew what was even going on he dropped down on one knee. The rest of the proposal was a blur but I do know he promised to make me as happy as I was that day for the rest of our lives. There I stood in total shock, my knees were weak, my heart was racing, I was totally ugly girl crying. I think I muttered out a YES and amongst the tears was able to make out that our best friends Todd and Maggie were emerging from behind the palm trees; Maggie had been taking photos the whole time and Todd came by with a huge bouquet of flowers.

Our families and friends are everything to us, so finally he let me know my entire family and best friends were waiting up on the East coast. We facetimed them and his parents shortly after. After the initial shock wore off Tyson whisked us into Shutters and brought us out to this amazing table overlooking the ocean with a bottle of champagne chilled. The whole staff knew about our proposal and we were met with congratulations and applause! It was all like a dream, I still feel like I’m floating.

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A truly unforgettable night, he certainly pulled a fast one on me! I never even saw it coming. The next day I turned 30 with a bang and some bling!! In the days following I had the pleasure of letting Jiff The Pom, Elmo, and Big Bird check out my ring and wish us congratulations! One of the many perks of my job and photos that I will surely treasure forever.

I’m so grateful to have found my forever friend in life and cannot wait for the planning ahead!