Kristen and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met when we were in college and honestly we weren’t really close friends but we would say hey when we saw each other and asked how we did on the biology tests. Fast forward two years later, Tyler randomly messaged me on Facebook and congratulated me on graduating college. Well hit the pause button because I didn’t hear from him for another 5 months! Well I guess he thought of me again and he actually called me and asked me to go to the Georgia Auburn game (Big game, Big deal for a first date!) and it was going to be a blast. We didn’t want to wait another weekend so I stayed with my friend that happened to live in Athens and went on our first date: a Mexican restaurant, a high school football game,and then we wanted to keep chatting so we had crispy bacon and chocolate milk until 1:00 am. He was so intentional about dating and why he asked me out. I knew then and there, Tyler was my husband.

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how they asked

Let’s start this sweet story with a little known fact: I find EVERYTHING out!! Tyler loves surprising me but he can barely keep a secret! However, I NEVER saw this coming! Last summer my sister was expecting; I have three sisters and this was the first baby! We just got back from her baby shower when she asked me to go with her to look at her old wedding venue that was closing for things we might want in the nursery. I just woke up from a little cat nap and I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that my sisters were telling me to apply a little lip stick and a few more strokes of mascara. As we turn the corner, I saw someone standing on the bridge in a suit; immediately freaking out, I repeated “Someone is over there! Look there is a man in a suit!! Who is that?” and to my surprise, the next few precious minutes were moments I would cherish the rest of my life. My sweet Tyler bought a suit, set up a table, Bible, chandelier, and roses that awaited my arrival under a tree. He surprised me by driving to my hometown and setting all of this up! He professed his love to me and took me to the chair, got on one knee, read scripture over our relationship and asked me the question I never saw coming that day. He was so particular about his proposal; he bought a french painted box for my ring that he would love for our children to use as an heirloom one day. I of course said yes and we kissed! Then I heard cheers and both of our families and close friends were standing at the top of the hill cheering and clapping! Thank you Tyler, for being the man of my dreams, whole-heartedly loving me, and choosing me to be your wife. I love you, Mr. Brannon.

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