Kristen and Tyler

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How We Met

I was living in Palo Alto working at a tech company when I became friends with a group of Stanford football players through my younger sister. The guys and I had become great friends, they’d come over to my apartment every weekend, and then one weekend I saw them out & they were all SO excited! They kept saying “Gaff is back, Gaff is back, we love Gaff!” I had no idea who Gaff was. And then, this cool, confident, charismatic, extremely good looking guy taps on my shoulder and says “what’s up, I’m Tyler.” He was so cool. And honestly, the rest is history. We spent every day together since.

Apparently I had no idea who he was because that year he had left Stanford to go play professional baseball with the Pittsburg Pirates. However, he decided to come back to finish his degree & his final season as a football player. We started dating as he entered his senior season of football. Again, I had no idea who he was when we met, but apparently this guy was a STUD. He has an incredible season, surrounded by Heisman talk. I didn’t miss a game. As his successful season came to a close, we prepared for the draft where he was eventually picked up by the Carolina Panthers, and finally picked up through waivers by the New England Patriots.

I dropped everything I had ever known & worked for- my successful tech job, my house & belongings, my family, my car. I packed my life into two suitcases, booked a one way ticket and took a chance on love. We spent over three years in Foxboro, MA & won not one, but TWO Super Bowl Championship with the New England Patriots. Last year we were blessed with our first son, Jaxon Jet. Right before his first birthday Tyler got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring & proposal & asked me to marry him. Without hesitation I said yes. In fact, I’m pretty sure we made a baby that night, because we are now expecting our second baby boy in March!

Our lives are constantly changing, we are always on the move, but we are so blessed to have each other as not only best friends but a rare, fun, affectionate, respectful love that we have come to find is a needle in a haystack. I love this man and the family we have built & can’t wait to see what is next for us!

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how they asked

After a long, busy season followed by lots of traveling, Tyler suggested we getaway just us two. We had just got back from a cross country trip to Boston where Tyler received his second Super Bowl Championship ring! He sprung this trip idea last minute, and I was so ready to relax I didn’t think anything of it. We took a drive to Iverness where we had a cabin waiting for us with a beautiful view. Tyler had got me roses, made us dinner & we listened to music all night long. The next morning we had to be up extra early because we were “going to a restaurant brunch Grand Opening,” so we “had to dress nice.” He told me the restaurant was almost two hours away, so I was surprised when he put a blindfold over my eyes 15 minutes into our drive. A few minutes later, the car stops. He walks me a few steps over gravel, and in 6 inch heels I am scared to death of falling!

Then, he takes the blindfold off. We hug each other tight & the first thing I say is ‘I love you so much.’ We hold each other and start to cry, and then he gets down on one knee, tells me how much he loves me & asks me to make him the happiest man in the world & marry him. Or at least I think that’s what he said, I kind of blacked out! I didn’t even realize how beautiful our surrounding was until after the ring was on my finger & we cried tears of joy. I looked around and couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was, how much thought went into it, the rose petals on the ground. It was every girl’s dream. He is my dream come true. And I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.