Kristen and Troy

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how we met

Troy and I met when I was in college in Indiana. A friend of mine was dating his roommate at the time and they thought we would be great together. They set us up to go on a double date with them. We got along great that night. The next day Troy asked my friend for my number and was texting me nonstop the whole day!

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how they asked

Troy is not known for being very romantic, so I was incredibly impressed at how great of a job he did planning the proposal. One of my friends has quite wealthy parents. They often receive free things from people they do business with. My friend sent a group text to everyone saying that his parents were comped dinner at a fancy restaurant at the Cosmopolitan hotel. He said someone who his dad did business with was the manager there. He said that his parents weren’t able and said for him and all of his to go instead.

I didn’t think twice about the story. My friend’s girlfriend then suggested that since we will all be dressed up as a group, we should go take pictures at the park around sunset. Little did I know, Troy had planned this all out with a group of my closest friends. They were all in on this plan.

Troy met with my friends earlier that day and gave them flowers, pictures and the ring to set up at the park. When we got to the park to meet my friends they were all waiting for us acting like they found a great spot to take pictures. We walked quite a ways up the sidewalk to a spot where there was a beautiful view of Las Vegas Strip.

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On the sidewalk there were rose petals lying on the group in the shape of a big heart. There were also picutres taped to the ground around the heart with the years written underneath them in chalk. These were pictures from our relationship. They also had music playing in the background. I was so suprised! It was so beautiful and romantic.

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Because all of my friends were there, the whole proposal was captured on video and we had many great pictures of the night! Afterwards, we all met up with my parents and went to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants!

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Special Thanks

McKenzie Stewart Weddings
 | photographer
Chanel Pineda
 | hair stylist
Cynthia Catanzaro
 | makeup artist