Kristen and Tom

How We Met

We met when I began working at Verizon in 2010. Tom had already worked there briefly, and he quickly became someone I would call a work friend. While we got along well, we didn’t become close until Tom left for a different job. We stayed in contact often and seemed to develop a strong connection, even while having different groups of friends and living far apart. Two years after meeting and a few rejections (by him and myself) in between, I agreed to go on a first “date” with Tom.

how they asked

On July 4, 2015 we spent the early part of the day at one of our favorite local spots, Yabo’s Tacos, watching the Upper Arlington parade, followed by a performance of our friend’s band. We spent the evening with our good friends Brie and Eric, enjoying a cookout at their house. After dinner, we packed up some chairs, blankets and a cooler of drinks and headed down to the local park for Upper Arlington’s annual fireworks display. Once the grand finale was over, Tom kind of nudged me to get my attention. I turned to him, and my shock set in immediately. He was holding an open box with the ring and asked to marry me, and in between my simultaneous smiling and tears, I said yes! We went back to Brie and Eric’s and popped some champagne that Tom had bought earlier that day to celebrate the occasion.

Tom’s dad passed away in June. He was very involved with the Upper Arlington community, especially around the holidays. Tom said it was important to him that his dad be “present” for the moment, which is why he decided on this time and place. We miss him dearly, but know he was right there next to us watching the moment unfold.

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