Kristen and Tim

How We Met

After graduating from the University of Georgia, I decided to spend my summer at a children’s camp in Maine. A couple weeks into camp, I met Tim. I immediately had the biggest crush on him. I started purposely bumping into him and spending time with him in group settings. A summer went by, and we were just friends, working at a summer camp together. Several months later, I had an amazing opportunity to travel and work in New Zealand for a year. I kept in close touch with Tim but never thought much of it. Once I arrived back state-side, I signed on to work in Maine for another summer. This summer was a bit different… He walked me back to my cabin the first week of the summer and the rest really is history. It was your stereotypical summer camp romance. After a few wonderful years living in Connecticut, we relocated to Atlanta and adopted a handsome tabby-cat named Kevin. We will have been together three years come June and we’ll always hold Maine close to our hearts.

how they asked

April 6th, 2017: It was a Thursday morning and surprisingly sunny in the beautiful state of Oregon. Tim and I had flown in a few days prior to visit his friends and family, or so I thought. We wake up in Eugene after a night on the town with Tim’s sister who’s a senior at the University of Oregon. After much tea, coffee and delicious brunch at one of his favorite college spots, Tim tells me we will be “swinging by” the Oregon Coast on our way back to Portland. “The drive is so beautiful and you have to see the Oregon Coast,” he says. He wasn’t kidding! The drive was insane. Weaving through the mountains with lush forest and streams by our side – I was blown away by the sheer beauty and untouched wilderness. About 2 hours later, we arrive. We begin venturing up a massive sand dune and when we get to the top, I’m on a cliff overlooking the ocean. At this point, the weather was overcast, with the sun creeping through the clouds. A perfect (and windy) day in the Pacific Northwest.

We walk another five minutes or so and reach a clearing where you can see this gigantic rock, and it suddenly felt like we were in the middle of the ocean. I take a seat to catch my breath, just admiring how beautiful my surroundings are. Tim grabs my hand and pulls me up on my feet and goes into this story about when he was here 3 years ago and we had just started dating. As the story goes on, I slowly start to realize the magnitude of what he’s saying. My heart instantly starts racing as he grabs both of my hands, and gets down on one knee.

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To be completely honest, the rest is a blur. Next thing I know, I have the most stunning ring on my finger, and as we turn around, of one Tim’s best friend pops out of the bushes with his camera in one hand, and a bottle of champagne in the other. One of the most surreal moments of my life. The engagement was everything I wanted; simple and real. I am forever grateful that I’ve found my best friend and life partner.

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